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Subsessions International conference 2018

Subsessions International conference 2018

There are three rounds of subsessions. The first two will be on Monday, the third on Tuesday. There are two types of sessions: interactive workshops and break-out-sessions.

The interactive workshops are held during the whole session. The break-out-sessions are two combined short sessions in one. For example, when you see in the programme below "2a. and 2b.", it means that when you choose to visit session 2a, you will also attend session 2b.  

Session 1 | 19 november | 11h25 - 12h40

 Title Speaker Organization Theme 
1. Carrot and Stick; Ideas for using the UNCRPD to promote Inclusion and UDL in Higher Education? Ann Heelan & Mary Quirke AHEAD (IE) Policy development & monitoring
2a. Flexible Higher Education for ALL, no exceptions! A Pilot, Windesheim UAS, NLSteve Clemens, Jiyun Rees Lee, Pascal Nieuwenhuis Windesheim (NL)
Making education more flexible
2b. Towards inclusive and flexible graduation projects in higher professional education
Jan Nauta
Windesheim (NL)
Making education more flexible
3. Creating inclusive higher education: good practices and critical success factors
Valérie van Hees & Goedele de Clerck
Provision of information and good practices
4a. The “Autismeproject”: an Example of Peer-to-Peer Coaching in Dutch Higher EducationMara Wierstra & Rianne Bosman
Universiteit van Amsterdam (NL)
Student participation, peer-to-peer coaching
4b. To study with a disability. A review of the policy issues at Utrecht University and the solutions we found
Richard Horenberg, Soete Meertens & Sophia Bats
Utrecht University (NL)
Student participation, peer-to-peer coaching
5. Moving towards an inclusive campus life - Framework and Monitoring Instrument
Jeroen Knevel & Caron Landzaat
Hogeschool Utrecht & LFB (NL) Policy development & monitoring 
6. Experience All Inclusive. How to positively influence the attitude of teachers towards students with disabilities Martine Baadenhuijsen
All inclusive at work  (NL) Making education more flexible
7a. Cognitive profiles of students with dyslexia in Higher Education Wim TopsUniversity of Groningen (NL)Provision of information and good practices
7b. Adding close captioning to your video… Is it really that hard and time consuming?
Christian Donders
Hogeschool Utrecht  (NL) Provision of information and good practices 
8. Student engagement in the work of DŠIS
Alenka Gajšt
Slovenian Association of Disabled Students (SI)
Student participation, peer-to-peer coaching

Session 2 | 19 november | 13h45 - 15h00

 Title Speaker Organization Theme 
9a. Radical accessibility in higher education
José Smits & Rebecca ter Mors
In1school (NL)
Policy development & monitoring 
9b. And now…for something completely differentMieke Urff & Hans Beerens
Dedicon (NL)
Policy development & monitoring
10a. How Hogeschool Utrecht facilitates flexible education with custom tooling
Casper Zuidwijk
Hogeschool Utrecht (NL)
Making education more flexible
10b. UDL as a tool for making diversity flourish in a talent-based university college (Webinar)Elke EmmersKU Leuven (BE)Making education more flexible
11. Accessible Testing for everyone!
Linda Schlundt Bodien & Paul Zevenbergen
NVAO & Expertisecentrum handicap + studie (NL)
Accessible assessment and examination
12. Don’t let go: a sustainable transition to work for students with mental health issues
Joost van der Weide & Geertje Grooten
Windesheim (NL)
Student well-being
13. The only way is up… Marlijn Timmermans-Muller & Kristel de Groot
EUR (NL) Policy development & monitoring
14. Implementing and monitoring policy within teaching and learning contexts Mike Wrayinclusioninhe.com (UK)Making education more flexible
15. International differences in supporting the exam organisation process
Robert-Jan Bulter
Scientia (NL) Accessible assessment and examination
16a. Flexible and inclusive education: balancing and strengtheningJudith Jansen & Susanne LambregtsExpertisecentrum handicap + studie (NL)Student well-being 
16b. Lessons we learned from a Special Issue about Students with Special Needs in Higher Education Minne Bakker & Sofie Sergeant
Disability Studies (NL)
Student well-being


Session 3 | 20 november | 10h30 - 11h45

Title Speaker Organization Theme
17a. Transition Characteristics of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder from Secondary Education to Higher Education
Theo Bakker Vrije Universiteit (NL) Policy development & monitoring 
17b. Accessibility vs. Reasonable accommodation
Dick Houtzager CvdRM (NL) Policy development & monitoring
18a. The importance of good subtitling for deaf people 50 years subtitling of TV and film with speech “in your own language”.
Ben Schut
(pensioner) (NL)
Provision of information and good practices
18b. Digital accessibility. Benefits and guidelines.Judith Jansen & Ron BeenenExpertisecentrum handicap + studie & Stichting Accessibility
Provision of information and good practices
19. Student well-being: what can you do to make a difference?Jenny Goldschmidt, Elke van Doorn & Karien CoppensUtrecht University & Expertisecentrum handicap + studie (NL)Student well-being
20. Unlimited Student Life as starting qualification on the labor market.
Roos Hoelen & Annelies Hoelen
Solgu & Hogeschool Utrecht (NL)
The transition from education to the labour market
21. Success factors implementation Studying with disabilities policy at NHL Stenden University
Wietske Wiersma & Hermien Moning
NHL Stenden (NL) Policy development & monitoring
22a. Breaking the barriers for an international experience: Erasmus+
Frans van Hoek
Erasmus+ (NL)
Provision of information and good practices

22b. An inclusive view on student wellbeing by student representativesSirra Alofs & Annejet Lont
Provision of information and good practices
23a. From disability to diversity – how can students and staff promote student wellbeing and excellence?Elinor Olaussen
Universall (NO)
Student well-being
23b. A Dutch psychomotor training program to support students with the risk of delay or drop out in higher education
Pim Hoek & Dieneke Jol
Windesheim (NL) Student well-being
24a. Celebrate our differences experienceRenate Stamsnieder & Jan Anne Kalkhoven
Vier de verschillen (NL)The transition from education to the labour market
24b. Creating awareness on inclusiveness in the workplace through training and good practicesLianne KetelaarCNV Jongeren (NL)The transition from education to the labour market



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