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Keynotes International conference 2018

Keynotes International conference 2018

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Joost Hoebink

Chairman | Monday and Tuesday,  November 19-20

Joost Hoebink is one of the most popular conference moderators of the Netherlands. He hosts about 100 conferences each year. Joost sets the right atmosphere, actively involves the audience and - as a former journalist for Dutch public radio - asks the right questions. Some of his satisfied customers: Google, KLM, ING Bank, Philips, UNICEF, Pfizer, Dutch National Gouvernment and the UN.

Marian de Groot

Welcome | Monday, November 19 | 10h00 

As director of Expertisecentrum handicap + studie, Marian maintains contact with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, administrators of higher education institutions and other organizations that can contribute to successful study and participation of students with a disability. As a consultant she is mainly concerned with the implementation of studying policies with a disability. For example, she implemented improvement programs at various higher education institutions. Marian knows how to enthuse and connect people during these change processes, looking for creative solutions and at the same time keeping an eye on existing initiatives. 

Her Royal Highness Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands 

Opening speech | Monday, November 19 | 10h10

Her Royal Highness Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands will open the international conference with a speech on Monday 19 November. Princess Laurentien is patroness of Expertisecentrum handicap + studie.

Professor Dr. Jenny Goldschmidt

Keynote | Monday, November 19 | 10h40 

From privilege to obligations: beyond free choice for the institutions

A brief introduction of the legal framework of disability in higher education will be given. Focus will be on disability law, but connections to other aspects of diversity such as culture, gender, race will also be made. Diversity is a must, not only socially but increasingly also legally. Recent international legal developments shows that the right to education implies full access to education for all students. This demands higher education based on ‘universal design’. It is exactly at these institutions which pretend to be forerunners in diversity, having bright minds for a better future (UU) , where we may expect commitment and creativity. Because we cannot allow to spoil talent.

Here, you can download the presentation of Jenny Goldschmidt. 

Leander Westerbeek van Eerten 

Tuesday, November 20 | 09h30 

Inclusive perspective on inclusiveness

From my double role as an experience expert (diagnose autism) with years of experience as a professional coach and trainer for people with autism, I’d like to take you on a 360 degrees view on inclusive education and some of the challenges that it can bring along the way. Combining two perspectives, I hope to bring these worlds more together as I believe we need to team up and work inclusive to bring progress to our systems. As an experience expert I try to follow the process and like to share with you where exactly my view differs from the general system. As a caregiver I want to bring you along on a quick inside in the elusiveness of autism. Furthermore I want to put up for discussion the relevance of the burden of proof and point out what we actually expect from a student with autism by doing so. The perception on what is the most comprehensive investment to be or become inclusive is what stands central in my presentation.

"The possibilities lie in the heart of difficulties" - Albert Einstein

Here, you can download the presentation of Leander Westerbeek van Eerten

Dr. Sharon Flynn

Keynote | Tuesday, November 20 | 09h30

Broad research on teaching and learning has demonstrated the prevalence and impact of exclusionary practices, often linked with unconscious bias, for example in relation to disability, gender, race, ethnicity, LGBT+ status. These exclusionary practices impact not only on the student experience, but on retention and completion rates. Together with colleagues in the College of Business, Public Policy and Law, and members of the NUI Galway Students’ Union, we have embarked on a project to identify, promote and reward inclusive teaching and learning practices within in the College. The overall aim is to improve the learning experience for students, particularly for students from diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Sharon Flynn is Assistant Director, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, National University of Ireland, Galway.

Here is a link to the presentation of Dr. Sharon Flynn



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